Once again back in Tachov

DATE: 1. - 3. July 2011 - from Friday (10:00) to Sunday (12:00).
LOCATION:Tachov / Czech Republic, sports hall - Pobřežní 1656 street.
CONTACTS:mail: artway.party@gmail.com
irc: #artway (on IRCNet)

ArtWay is a smaller (for about 40 visitors) pure demoscne event located in Czech Republic near to the german borders. This year it'll be the 12th ArtWay event in history. The party again will have its main focus on amiga platform. But we will support other demoscene platforms too as in the last 4 years.

If you would like to come let us know and register yourself for a seat.

Remote entries are allowed via this mail only artway.party@gmail.com and they won't recieve any possible prize in case of winning the compo. So be warned that if you're not at the party you're competing against glory and fame with respect only!


KillJ0Y^AWY / Tachov / NTB - WinUAE
Wayne / Brno / Amiga, NTB, iPhone ;)
MarK/TBS / Praha / Pegasos
Derrik / nsu z Prglu / AGA
lacha / Beneov nad Plounic / lego
Fery / Domalice / snad nco stihnu pipravit ...
jack-3d / Brno / Amiga (mon u i s PPC) a PC
PoXoFT / uZeroNiq / 706C7A656E / zaberu dva stoly, jako loni :-)
Igi / Koice SK / iMAC
Jeura / -Praha / -IBM Lenovo X61s
Tomsoft / Dn / UAE ;)
NORO / Plze / Velk pekvapen!
Standalf / Dn / macbook
eKe / Brno / Leninovo myslc notsek