DATE:5. - 8. July 2007 - from Thursday to Sunday.
LOCATION:Tachov / Czech Republic, Sports hall - Pobrezni 1656 street.
irc: #artway (on IRCNet)

ArtWay is a small (about 40 visitors) demoscene event located in Czech republic near to germany borders (at map). This year it's the 8th ArtWay party in history. Till the last year it was for amiga only but due to low amount of "amiga" visitors and compo contributions we decided to make it open for other main demoscene platforms. So this time you could expect for example a PC demos too.

The Czech demoscene is too small these days to be divided into many pieces like Amiga, Atari, C64, PC. We hope that this event will help to join into somethin' bigger and to grow in future.

If you would like to come let us know and register yourself for a seat.

Time Table

  • Thursday
    • 12:00 - sports hall will be open (if you want to arrive earlier let us know in advance)
    • xx:xx - organiznin' and meetin' stuff
    • 19:00 - dinner break
    • 21:00 - opening ceremony
  • Friday
    • 10:00 - begining
    • ??:?? - some presentations
    • 19:00 - dinner break
    • 21:00 - Demo Show
  • Saturday
    • 10:00 - begining
    • ??:?? - ASCII compo deadline
    • ??:?? - MUSIC compos deadline
    • ??:?? - GFX compos deadline
    • ??:?? - Demo compos deadline
    • ??:?? - Voting start (via party net)
    • 19:00 - dinner break
    • ??:?? - presentation of compos
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 - begining
    • 10:30 - stop voting
    • 12:00 - release of votes
    • 15:00 - END

The time stamps are not final, there will be breaktimes for lunch dinner and sleepin' :)


Compo categories / rules


- A1200, Blizzard1260/50Mhz, AGA/AOS, 64MB Fast, KS3.1(3.9)
- PC, Athlon 64 3200+, 2GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1800GTO 256MB

If you want to compete with production for the compo machine not listed above let us know about that in advance, we will also have Pegasos, Atari, C64, ZX spectrum machines or emulations.
Remote entries are allowed. You don't need to be present at the party. Send your entries via mail until 4th July on []


- Demo must run on one of compomachines
- Must be quitable with LMB or ESC
- Max. size 10MB (zip/lha compresed)


- Intro must run on one of compomachines
- Must be quitable with LMB or ESC
- Max. size 64k (65536 bytes)

In case of low amount of entries demo, intro will be joined into one category.


  • Tracked
    - free style
    - Limit 3:00min
    - Formats: anything whats played hippoplayer (MOD, MED, XM, DBM, ...)
  • High Quality
    - free style
    - Limit 3:00min
    - Formats: MP3

In case of low amount of entries tracked and high quality music will be joined into one category.


  • Pixel
    - free style
    - Limit: 640x512x8bit
    - Format: IFF a PNG
  • Raytraced
    - free style
    - Limit: 800x600
    - Format: JPG, BMP,..
  • Photo
    - Theme: colors of nature
    - photo must be in digital form

In case of low amount of entries the pixel and raytraced pictures will be joined into one category.

Animation / Video

- Your entries must be in scene spirit.
- Format: mpeg, avi or another standard format.


- Theme: summer
- limit: 80x25
- Standard ascii marks only.

Still there are possibilities to change / improved compo categories depending on your responses.


Travel Info

You drive by car or bus?

When you come on motorway D5 from Pilsen use EXIT 128 (Nová Hospoda, Bor, Tachov). Next way is very good marked as to Tachov.

If you come on motorway D5 from Rozvadov use EXIT 136 (Svatá Kateřina, Tachov). Next way on Tachov is very good marked.

When you use northern way the easiest is road number 21 via Marien Bad and on first crossroad in Planá use road number 198 on Tachov

You go by train?

On this site you can find your train which comes to Tachov but before you must fill form at this page

So when you come from Pilsen or Rozvadov state border the BLUE way is the best for you. When you comes from Marien Bad and Planá the RED is yours. And finaly when you comes by train your color is GREEN but its same way as RED so its simple.

Click into the map picture for more details.




Amiga party invitation
version for GFX and AHI (suitable for MOS, UAE or High-end amigas) you can download HERE
version for AGA and Paula (suitable for 030+) you can download HERE

PC party invitation you can download HERE


ArtWay party opening video you can download in .wmv format (32MB)
Maked by:KillJoyWayne
Music by:ElwoodNooly^MRS

Next party slideshow video is from Noro and you can download it in .mpg format (179MB)

What to take with

Don't forget sleepin' bags, electricity extenders, network cables and compo entries.

Connection to party network.

In sports hall will be possible a shower.

Food will be available as always in "U Vodnika" pub, there's a swiminpool so if you wanna get bathin'.

Emergency phone number will be publis at 3rd July to solve problems with arrive like city panic etc...


After Party


ASCII (theme "summer")
1. Summer Soles - DiamonDie [13]
2. I Love Summer - Jack / ArtWaY [11]
3. Pegasos 2 - MarK / TBS [7]
4. Fast as hell - KoWoDo [6]
4. Sun Cream - Wayne / ArtWaY [6]

Photo compo (theme "colours of nature")
1. The Way - MarK / TBS [13]
2. Sun Down - Noro / ATomiC [11]
3. zatmenie slnka - Roberta [8]
4. kytka - Falcon / AmiGanS [7]
5. Lady and a flower - DiamonDie [6]
6. Kvety - BLAyEn / AmiGanS [5]
7. pampeliska pes - Ježo [3]
Total number of entries was 15 others were disq. coz of multiple entries or out of theme rule.

GFX compo (combined)
1. Last copyright - Jack / ArtWaY [14]
2. experiment - Spooky.ln [8]
3. Direct Hit - BLAyEn / AmiGanS [7]

Music compo (combined)
n/a nulka kremulka - traymuss / Addict^Futuris [+++++]
n/a house mix - anonym duo [++---]
Compo cancelled due to low amount of entries :(
Jury rating

Code compo (combined)
1. Phonkey (final) - ArtWaY [17]
2. game demo - TBS [14]


ASCII compo2kB
FixedPhoto compo6,5MB
GFX compo1,6MB
Music compo4MB
Code Compo:Phonkey Final1,2MB
Game demo1,5MB


KillJoy / Tachov / Amiga 600, pc
Rotak / Beneov nad Pl. / Notebook
Tomsoft / Dn / Atari + SIO2PC + NoteStar
Falcon_11 / Moravsky Svaty Jan (SR) / Pegasos II, A1240 PPC
Charlie / Stakov / P II
derrik / Reichenberg / Peg2, AGA060, PC, C64, (maybe ZX Sinclair)
Slacha / Benesov nad Ploucnici / A1200 030/50 +lego :-)+atari 800
KoWoDo / Marianske Lazne / PC (maybe C=64... i hope so)
spooky.ln / LN / x86, 2x arm powered gp2x & breakout board
Jack / Frydlant/Brno / Amiga 1260/64 + PC notebook
Jax / Frydlant / PC compo machine
Traymuss / Addict ^ Futuris / Poland / PC
Yetti / Brno / Dojedu bez pocitace
cybersite_ni.q / Plzen / PC notebook(WinUAE), PalmT5(UAE, C64, ZXS 48k, Amstrad, ST..)
antoon / Liberec / Macbook, Mac Mini.
Wayne / Tachov / Amiga
frtivec / Svitavy / Pegasos II
Jeura / Praha / MiniMac
Smolik / Praha / -
Vaca / Jablonec Nad Nisou / PC, Nintendo Wii