DATE: 6. - 8. July 2018 - from Friday (14:00) to Sunday (14:00).
LOCATION:Tachov / Czech Republic, sports hall - Pobrezni 1656 street.
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IBAN: CZ55 0800 0000 0011 5185 6193

(message for the recipient write ArtWay 2018 and your nickname)

irc: #artway (on IRCNet)

Remote entries are allowed via this mail only and they won't recieve any possible prize in case of winning the compo. So be warned that if you're not at the party you're competing against glory and fame with respect only!


KillJoy/ArtWaY / Tachov / Amiga CD32, A600
Wayne^AWY / Tachov / AMiGA
noro / Čikégo / too much
derrik / Brno / A600
Igi / Kosice / A1200